Megan Fox has been getting slammed online after asking fans to donate to a friend’s GoFundMe despite seemingly admitting to not donating herself. The controversy started when Fox shared a fundraiser link for Nails of LA creator Brittney Boyce, whose father is ill. Buzzfeed noted that, after the actress posted the GoFundMe to her social media, some fans started to notice that she hadn’t made a donation.

“The highest donation is only $300 and it’s not anonymous. Sis better contribute herself and lead the way,” one person commented on a Reddit forum, as noted by Buzzfeed. Someone else added, “If I had as much money as her, I’d cover 100% of a friend’s parent’s medical expenses before I asked strangers to.” One other user wrote, “The wealthy should absolutely cover this. Sorry not sorry. Stop hoarding money and asking your much poorer fans to help.”

Fox has since responded to the criticisms — as noted by PEOPLE — in a post on her Instagram Stories thread. “Hey weirdos,” she began her post. “Do any of you have the emotional intelligence to consider that maybe Brit doesn’t want her celebrity clients donating large sums of money to her because it creates a dynamic in her working relationships that makes her uncomfortable? So instead she asked me to post the GoFundMe so that many people could donate small amounts of money to help them reach their goal.”

She continued, “I just obliged her request. Anything she needs from me personally she will ask and I will do it privately. One thing you’re not going to accuse me of is being miserly or lacking generosity. So try again on another day (probably tmw!) with some different bulls— you bunch of psychos.”

Boyce’s GodFundMe is seeking to raise $60,000 to help her father, Michael, who “was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.” In the fundraiser description, Boyce explains, “He was having some health issues last month and was finally able to get in to see his doctor last week for a CT Scan. Cancer was the last thing that we expected. He’s only 64 years old and still working wasn’t planning on retiring anytime soon.He has already missed a lot of work over this and I ᴀssume he will be missing a lot more. He has another appointment in 10 days for options + treatment plans.”

She continues, “My dad is the literally the best person, dad, husband & grandpa this doesn’t seem fair. I know things are tough for everyone right now but if you’re able to donate or share it would really help. He picked up his first prescription yesterday and it wasn’t covered by insurance the cost of that alone was $1000 and it’s not even a full month supply. My goal here is to help him w/ medical expenses so he can focus on himself and not the stress on finances.”