Megan Fox has always had a super-enviable body, even if she doesn’t think so herself! The 37-year-old Transformers alum has spoken openly about her body disorder (BDD) in the past, and covered the topic once again inside Sports  coveted Swimsuit Issue, for which she was on the have now it’s time to put her face transformation on pause and focus on how her body has changed throughout her career. We think it was perfect from day one and perfect now. Let’s take a look at the actress’s body transformation from the start of her career to the present day.

Megan really made a name for herself when she appeared on Holiday in the Sun alongside Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in 2001, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen alongside Lindsay  in 2004, and Hope & Faith alongside Faith Ford and Kelly between 2004 and 2006. She was the envy of all teenage girls.

she said about Jennifer’s Body in a 2019 interview with Entertainment Tonight it was every day of my life, all the time, with every project I worked on and every producer I worked with. It preceded a breaking point for me.

When Megan gave birth to her first son Noah in 2014, who she shares with ex-husband Brian Austin Green, she reportedly underwent a strict diet and exercise regime. I cut out all bread and those sorts of carbohydrates she told E! News back in 2014, revealing that she had “no crackers, no pretzels, no chips. Nothing unhealthy.”