Controversial social media influencer and former kickboxer Andrew Tate responded to fans after they trolled him for asking a controversial question…

Former kickboxer and controversial social media icon Andrew Tate is best known for his controversial claims on women, the government, and how men should act. He strongly opposes same-gender relationships.

In a video once, Tate claimed that he thinks on a higher level than an average man. To demonstrate the same he posed a question to the fans who were watching his video. He said would you rather have s*x with Megan Fox with a d*ck or Hulk Hogan with a “p*ssy”. He said he would choose Megan Fox and mocked those who would choose Hulk Hogan instead.

The self-proclaimed Top G also clarified his opinion and called himself smart and other people dumb.

Andrew Tate on his reasoning to choose trans Megan Fox

“Listen, I recently posted a question on Twitter asking, ‘Would you rather have sex with a transexual, which is a legitimate 10, or a woman, which is a legitimate one”

He further claimed, “When I say a one and a ten, I mean Megan Fox with a d*ck that’s the tranny. Or Hulk Hogan with a p*ssy  that’s the girl. This is the question I’m asking. Megan Fox or Hulk Hogan.”

King Cobra later explained, “What is gay? If you you say no to bang Megan Fox with Di*k and you will bang Hulk Hogan with pus*y that is gay.”

Fans surely were not happy with Tate’s shocking claims and trolled him further. A fan by the username of Evan Kilgore on X quoted, “ Andrew Tate went from telling men to be more manly to telling men to have sex with other biological men. I can’t.”

Another fan took a shot at Top G,

“that it is a way for him to boost himself, but I really don’t get these weird negative posts for attention. He’s lame regardless and alpha men and women see him for exactly what he is.

No real man with any moral compass whatsoever would listen to anything he has to say.”

Tate always manages to keep himself in the headlines for his controversial statements from claiming he is going to be the first trillionaire to his idealogy on women.

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