After deleting social media at the beginning of the year, Megan Fox made her Instagram return in May. Although she had been posting sparingly over the past couple of months, the last four days have seen the actress treating her followers to daily updates. Specifically, an inside look at pH๏τos from a very revealing forest-themed pH๏τoshoot.

Her first two posts saw the actress modelling a *tiny* Oséree green ʙικιɴι that was more string than fabric TBH. From kneeling on a tree branch to posing amongst the woods, Megan was giving her best Tarzan in the pics.

She upped the ante yesterday with an outfit change – a cream corset dress that was soaking wet and see-through as she stood in a pond in what appeared to be the same setting as the first batch of pH๏τos.

But Megan has just shared her most naked look yet in a shredded black dress.

The ‘fit in question is a long-sleeve dress with an asymmetric hemline starting at Megan’s hip and descending across her legs to graze the floor. The black fabric is shredded entirely creating cut-outs all over that reveal Megan is wearing nothing beneath the dress. Yep, this is *literally* a naked dress.

With the latest pH๏τos clearly taken in the same woodland and with the same purple ʙuттerflies in her hair as in her first two posts, Megan’s forest pH๏τoshoot just keeps on giving. And her fans seem to be loving the star’s latest posts, taking to the comments section to write:

please keep the pH๏τoshoots coming, queen ❤️
My daily dose, we could get used to it, meg 💜
Keep the pics coming mother 🙏🏻🥰

Shredded dresses seem to be having something of a moment with Maya Jama debuting a similar look just the other day.Wearing the dress on an episode of Love Island, the presenter shared a behind-the-scenes close-up of her lewk on her Instagram stories. Unlike Megan’s version, Maya opted for a sunshine yellow shade with opaque panels in the fabric across her bust and hips.

Kylie Jenner, too, tried the trend in April. As part of a pH๏τo dump to her Instagram, she included a selfie of herself wearing a black shredded dress though the shreds were much smaller creating a less obvious naked dress effect.

This new micro trend is giving ’00s grunge scene and we are here for it.