Megan Fox, a popular Hollywood actress, recently revealed that she decided to quit drinking alcohol after an embarrᴀssing interview at an award show in 2009. In the said interview, Megan made several offensive comments that ultimately led her to realize the negative impact of drinking on her life. Many celebrities have spoken about their relationship with alcohol, and Megan is one of them. She shared how the disastrous interview was a turning point in her life and helped her make a positive change.

The Controversial Interview: An Overview

During the interview in 2009, Megan Fox made some problematic statements that offended several communities. She started by saying that she was a “trny” and a man. She also talked about her insecurity, which made her feel like vomiting.When asked about Salma Hayek’s appearance, Megan expressed her admiration for the actress’s “amazing bbs.” She then went on to talk about her husband, Brian Austin Green, saying that he did not want to be her date and only cared about his music. The interview concluded with her making some unhealthy eating habits jokes.

The Aftermath And Megan’s Decision

Megan Fox was highly criticized for her comments in the interview. Looking back, she regrets her behavior and acknowledged that it was the result of excessive alcohol consumption.In a 2021 interview, Megan revealed that she had drunk a lot of champagne at the award show, which made her “belligerent.” She realized the negative impact of drinking on her life and decided to quit.

Megan Fox’s experience is a reminder that excessive alcohol consumption can have adverse effects on our lives. The interview was a turning point in her life that led her to make a positive change. Today, she is doing well, and her decision to quit drinking has helped her become a better version of herself.