Megan Fox’s Poetic Journey

herself that she’s an extrovert, but the reality is that after releasing her first book of poetry, about various relationships with men in her life, she’s in need of retreating back home to L.A. to feel like herself again.

“I think a lot of people are under the impression that I like attention, which is hilarious because I’m so tragically introverted. I wish I loved attention. I would have the best life. I would have so much fun. I have so many opportunities,” Fox says. “I could be doing so many things, but instead, I have crippling anxiety and I never want to leave my house.”

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Putting herself out there is counterintuitive to Fox, as surprising as that fact about a celebrity may feel. She recently suffered her very first panic attack brought on by the exposure of the book. Publishing a deeply personal book of poems about past abusive relationships, a recent miscarriage and heartbreak seems like it wouldn’t appeal to Fox. Yet the poems poured out of her

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