It’s been a few weeks since Diablo IV launched, and there have been hundreds of millions of deaths as players roam Sanctuary. But a lucky group of gamers had a distinct honor that not even Inarius could have bestowed: having their characters’ untimely deaths roasted by none other than Megan Fox.

Earlier this month, the actress collaborated with gaming publisher Blizzard to offer eulogies of players who died in the latest installment of the popular action roleplaying franchise. From, “To say you’ll be missed will be an understatement so grossly understated that it doesn’t bear stating,” to, “I almost didn’t recognize you under all that blood. It’s a bold choice for a look and personally I hate it. But you do you,” fans were thrilled to watch Fox read them for filth.The wicked jokes were something that resonated with Fox. “I think [Diablo] is a beautiful dark gothic vision with an evil sense of humor, [which is] also my bio in a dating app,” she tells Refinery29 in an exclusive interview.

The #DiabloDeaths campaign is hardly the first time a gaming publisher has capitalized on star power (just look at Pedro Pascal’s Merge Mansion ads), but there’s something gorgeously haunting and eerily satisfying to see the actress partner with Blizzard to celebrate, with a touch of trolling, the game’s players. The collaboration just made sense and gave players what they have been craving: authenticity.


Now that the dust has settled in Sanctuary, and we’re all *hopefully* on the endgame loot grind, Refinery29 caught up with Fox on how the campaign that broke gaming Twitter came together, her favorite Diablo class (hint: “I love a guy that gives human scarecrow energy”), and whether Lilith is the game’s true hero.Refinery29: Have you played Diablo before or is this your first time? Which class is your favorite?

Megan Fox: I actually grew up playing consoles instead of PC games (I don’t even own a computer) so I didn’t have a lot of firsthand experience with the game previously, but I was very aware of it from many of my friends who were/are obsessed with it. It’s out on consoles now so I can play! I’m partial to Necromancer. I think I have a Hades/Persephone kink so I don’t know — this kind of checks out.How were the eulogies sH๏τ? I’ve read some comments wondering if they were done through AI because of how fast they went out!

We sH๏τ everything in one day. I read 50-plus eulogies. I think we were able to complete it in eight hours mostly because I’m literate and not an idiot.

Did you expect your eulogies to go as viral as they did?

I didn’t know they went viral! I’m never on the internet. But fuck yeah!Gaming is intersecting more and more of our lives, from beauty to fashion and lifestyle. How does this collaboration help continue to bridge these industries?

These eulogies bring a little real life to the fantasy. Games used to be a niche hobby, but now it’s one of the biggest forms of entertainment by far. You can find people who are heavily into fashion, or food, or theater, or anything you can imagine — and they are also playing games. With gaming being so mainstream with billions of people playing, I feel there is no need to even build a bridge anymore. Games have already crossed that bridge and are already here.

How does gaming allow you to express your personal self?

With Diablo IV, there were so many ways to customize my character that I could really get into the fantasy that I wanted, to create exactly the character I wanted to play. Plus, Lilith (one of my favorite and completely underrated goddesses) encourages people to embrace the darkness inside themselves. People are nuanced, and sometimes it’s important to face your own shadow in order to get back to the light.Lilith is supposed to be the antagonist of the game. But it seems like you think differently?

Lilith is such a layered character, full of so many complicated emotions. Lilith was labeled a demon because she rebelled against having to be subservient to Adam. She isn’t actually a villain; she’s a hero. She just doesn’t fit the traditional prototype. I can relate.

I have to ask… softcore or hardcore mode?

I appreciate that Diablo IV allows players to choose whichever mode they prefer. Nothing but respect for players who play hardcore. It takes real bravery and confidence! It’s always heartbreak if their hardcore characters die [permanently]… but at least some of these players might have had a chance to get a message from me!

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.