Popular actors being mistaken as other popular actors is not a very unusual phenomenon. But when a very popular actor is mistook and they handle the situation in the most jovial and loving way possible, it makes for some very heart warming and feel good content. We are already witnessing a fan confused between Emma Stone and Emma Watson on the internet while Stone is standing right in front of him. Adding to a viral video is an old incident now where a fan mistakenly thought Mila Kunis was Megan Fox.

Mila, for the unversed, is one of the most famous faces in Hollywood. For an actor who found her niche in rom-coms soon after, she even went on to voice a couple of animated characters. Her filmography includes Ted, That 70s Show, and Friends With Benefits. And cartoon characters like Meg Gryphon in The Family Guy.

So when an actor walks around with a resume like that, you know the chances of them being mistaken as someone else is very rare. But when Mila Kunis walked out of a set after finishing shooting for a chat show, a fan mistook her for Megan Fox. While that is not the real deal, the real deal is how beautifully the Ted actor handled the situation with grace and love. Read on to know everything you should know about the same.

As per a video shared by The Hollywood Fix on their YouTube channel, Mila Kunis was walking out of the Jimmy Kimmel Live sets after shooting for an episode. She was dressed in a casual attire, including a plain white t-shirt paired with a pair of loose mid-rise pants. She let her hair loose and was masked when spotted. When she graced the fans and started signing the posters and pictures of her they had brought, a fan slid a big pH๏τo which was actually of the Transformers actress Megan Fox. Kunis made sure she had the best words to say about the situation and did not give a sour reaction instead.

Touching the Megan Fox picture, she said, “I love her. That’s Megan Fox. She’s fantastic. And the fact that you thought that I was her I love that.”