Model who claims to beModel who claims to be ‘last virgin on OnlyFans’ teases admirers with Sєxy PJs ‘last virgin on OnlyFans’ teases admirers with Sєxy PJs

Kerolay Chaves, who claims to be the final virgin on OnlyFans, left followers drooling as she displayed her Sєxy curves and body in a set of pyjamas on Instagram

A model who believes she’s the “last virgin” on a kinky app certainly teased admirers in a recent post.

OnlyFans bombshell Kerolay Chaves boasts 387,000 followers on Instagram where she shares Sєxy snaps.

The beauty, known as the White Fairy, started modelling on the site after seeing how much she could earn.

As a result, she quit her phone technician job to become a full-time content creator and now the rest is history.

She often displays some saucy pH๏τos on her social media – and followers are a huge fan of it.

Now in a recent Instagram post, Kerolay put on a gorgeous PJ set which featured tiny shorts and a crop top.

In the first pH๏τo, the model showed off her big booty, before pulling down the garment from the front.

And in the final sH๏τ, the Brazilian posed close-up with her boobs just about remaining inside the crop top.

Her caption, which she posted last week, read: “PH๏τo from earlier today. Pyjamas approved? And me?”

Fans were left speechless as the post garnered a lot of attention in the space of a week.

One wrote: “Very wonderful,” while another added: “Too good, dangerous curves.”

And a third admitted: “I want all that sweetie.”

Previously the model confessed she thought Sєx was better with vegans.

Although she’s spoken about her Sєx life before, Kerolay had surgery to rebuild the hymen to make her a virgin again.

At the time, the beauty confessed she had a particular request from a fan who asked her to perform virginity surgery.

Hymenoplasty, also known as virginity recovery surgery, is a surgical intervention that aims to rebuild the hymen.

It consists of the union of the parts of the hymen that have broken, but that are still in the vaginal canal.

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