Nia Jax given a new nickname by WWE RAW Superstar; it’s not flattering

Nia Jax might not be too happy the next time she’s on WWE RAW and one superstar in particular should be looking over her shoulder. The dominant star made her presence felt once again this week, with a destructive assault interrupting a women’s tag team match on RAW. Chelsea Green didn’t take too kindly to the attack and has given Jax a rather unflattering nickname.

Jax’s return to WWE two weeks back saw her assault Raquel Rodriguez and Rhea Ripley during their match on RAW. The company later confirmed that both had suffered injuries as a result of the attack and are recovering. Neither were on the show this week.

That didn’t stop Nia Jax’s rampage though, as she attacked Chelsea Green and Piper Niven, as well as Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark. She didn’t spare anyone, going after all four participants in the tag match.

Now, Green has taken to social media to air her displeasure, and she better hope that Jax does not see what she’s said. She called her attacker “Nia ‘Sasquatch’ Jax.” She went on to call Rodriguez the same.

“Look at me!!!! I was literally about to beat Zoey & Shayna before Nia Sasquatch Jax came tromping along!!! Add her to my list along with Sasquatch Raquel!!!!!!!! 🤬”

Nia Jax might not take too kindly to being compared to a Sasquatch (which is a variation of the Big Foot), and Green might have a bad time on RAW as a result.

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