Paige Spiranac’s weekly Q&A sessions have become a fan favorite. Every Monday, the gorgeous golfer and Instagram model answers questions from fans, and she’s certainly not afraid to shy away from even answering the most personal ones.

This week’s episode was particularly exciting if you’re a Spiranac fan. The influencer covered all sorts of topics, from whether her boobs are real – Paige confirmed they are-, to who she ‘fan girls’ over.

Another thrilling topic that came up in conversation was tattoos and piercings. Fans were desperate to know whether Paige had any secret ink, and her answer may have come as a surprise to some.

“Fun fact, I have zero tattoos and zero piercings,” began Paige on Instagram. “I used to have my ears pierced, but they closed up, so I’ve never worn earrings. With tattoos, I love them on other people- I think they look so good- but I don’t think I could pull it off, so I don’t think I’d ever get one,” said Paige.

The golfer also addressed recent rumors that she had her nipples pierced. “There was a theory that they were [nipples] pierced, but no they’re not. It sounds very painful… pass!” said Paige