Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell is unfazed by The Rock’s part-time status and wants to see him headline WrestleMania 40.

The Brahma Bull returned to SmackDown this week. This appearance created ripples around the wrestling world as fans started speculating about a possible match between him and Roman Reigns.

On the latest episode of Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell strong-batted for the title to be on the line for a possible matchup between The Rock and The Head of the Table. He explained that Reigns had put the gold on the line against several opponents and questioned why it should be any different for The People’s Champion.

“If they booked a match with Roman and Rock without the title and I’m a fan, I’m pissed off. He’s putting it up against everybody else.”

Mantell also stated that casual WWE fans would not be bothered by Rocky’s part-time status and would like to see what could possibly be the biggest WrestleMania match of all time.

“And The Rock being a part-timer, that doesn’t affect me. I don’t think it affects the regular fan anyway. They can b*tch and moan and say anything they want to but I don’t think it bothers most people anyway. Look at the publicity that match would get. You have the New York Times, you’d have all the networks picking it up and everything. That’s the biggest WrestleMania they could book right now.” [From 23:38 to 24:22]

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You can catch the full results of SmackDown here.

Dutch Mantell feels Cody Rhodes needs to wait for his huge WWE moment

During the same conversation, Mantell stated that The Rock’s comeback and a possible match at WrestleMania 40 could mean that Cody Rhodes might have to wait to finish his story.

“Cody, sorry pal. You made this big move and you wanted to do your hard time like your daddy, that’s fine. The story is still there. But you gotta wait your turn on this.” [From 24:24 to 24:37]

It will be interesting to see if The Rock’s return materializes into a bigger storyline in WWE with The Bloodline.

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