PLAYBOY model Daniella Chavez has celebrated her favourite club’s latest win… by offering her fans a steamy video on OnlyFans.

And the Chilean beauty, 37, said O’Higgins’ 5-1 thrashing of Colo Colo felt like “an orgasm”.

Blonde Daniella last year made a failed attempt to buy the top-flight club, based in her home town Rancagua.

But her joy was unconfined on Sunday night as they hammered reigning champions Colo Colo.

The Santiago giants are Chile’s most-successful club, with 33 national тιтles – while O’Higgins have won it just once.

Daniella, also a singer and actress, posted a saucy snap of herself in pink lingerie.

She wrote: “Thrashing Colo Colo feels like an orgasm.

“Let’s all go on OnlyFans.”

In a later post she said: “I’ve been asked for porn videos on OnlyFans.

“Following O’Higgins’ 5-1 win, yes, yes, yes!”

Daniella had promised her followers a 70 per cent discount on subscriptions to her account before the game if O’Higgins were to win. Afterwards she boasted: “I’ve gained over 180 new subscribers to my OnlyFans account in the last half hour.”