Randy Orton’s surprising reaction when he was first introduced to Brock Lesnar

Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar are two of WWE’s most popular wrestlers in history, and both will go down as guaranteed Hall of Famers, but they had to start at the bottom like most from that generation.

Orton and Lesnar both started out in OVW, which was the former WWE developmental territory that was even recently featured on Netflix. The Viper started out in early 2000, while The Beast arrived a few months later. They were both called up to WWE in early 2002 after graduating as a part of OVW’s legendary Class of 2002, which also included John Cena and Batista.

The Apex Predator spoke with Logan Paul on his IMPAULSIVE podcast today and recalled his memory from the first day The Conqueror came to OVW. The whole facility knew a much-hyped amateur wrestler was arriving that day. Paul asked if Lesnar was there.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah. I remember the day he [Lesnar] came to OVW… We were all like, what the f**k? So we’re all talking s**t, under our breath, and here he comes. And back then there wasn’t [a Performance Center], we had one ring in a s****y warehouse, and there was like twelve of us. So here comes Lesnar, we knew he was coming… we get in practice, we start doing the rope running drills, where you just burn, you just go, and he didn’t hook the top rope,” Randy Orton said. [From 23:00 – 24:30]

The master of the RKO continued his story, and commented on how the current WWE United States Champion was surely told why you must get your arm over the top when running the ropes. This is something The Next Big Thing did not do.

“As I’m sure you’ve been told – make sure to get the arm over that top rope, or you’re going to end up in the bleachers. And sure enough, that m**********r… He leapt out of the ring between the second and third rope, and took out like twenty metal chairs. And then he just popped up, dusted himself off, and was like, ‘[laughs] I bet y’all would like to see that again. [laughs] We were like, ‘That’s cool… do your thing.’ You know?” Randy Orton said.

Brock Lesnar defeated Randy Orton in three WWE Sunday Night Heat dark matches in November 2001 and January 2002, which were their first-ever singles bouts against each other. They then teamed for the first time on January 19th, 2002, losing to Tommy Dreamer and Stevie Richards at a non-televised WWE live event.

After a few more dark and non-televised matches in 2002, their first TV match saw Lesnar get the win on the September 5th, 2002 edition of SmackDown. The future Hall of Famers did not meet in the ring again until Lesnar won by TKO in the SummerSlam 2016 main event. The Beast then won a Suplex City Deathmatch over The Viper on September 24th, 2016 at a non-televised live event, and since then they have only met in Royal Rumble or Money In the Bank matches.

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