Released WWE Superstar spotted with Alexa Bliss during hiatus

A released WWE Superstar has been spotted with Alexa Bliss during her time away from the company.

Alexa Bliss last competed in January at the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event. She battled Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s Championship but was soundly defeated. Uncle Howdy appeared on the jumbotron to taunt Bliss after the match, and she has not appeared since.

She announced in May that she and her husband, musician Ryan Cabrera, are expecting a child together. Bliss and Cabrera also had a gender reveal for the baby on Entertainment Tonight last month.

Nia Jax was released by the promotion in November 2021. The Irresistible Force made a surprise return as the final entrant in the Women’s Royal Rumble match in January. Still, it didn’t last long, as everyone teamed up to eliminate her.

Alexa Bliss uploaded a new video on her Instagram story today of herself, Nia Jax, and some friends wearing humorous balloon hats. You can check out the video on Bliss’ Instagram story by clicking here.

Nia Jax on working with Alexa Bliss in WWE

Former WWE Superstar Nia Jax recently discussed her rivalry against Alexa Bliss back in the day.

In 2018, the rivalry between the two stars got extremely personal, and Jax believes it was the only time the WWE Universe was fully behind her. Speaking on the Wives of Wrestling podcast, the 39-year-old shared that she and Alexa Bliss collaborated on the feud.

Nia Jax added that it was the only time anyone was really behind her in the company.

“Well, it was really cool because it was something that Lexi and I were able to collaborate together on it. And it was so funny because she would get so evil, and people were like, how dare they make fun of — and if anybody knows Vince [McMahon] like Vince loves to make the obvious and expand it. Like there was a promo where Mickie [James] and her were just making fun of the way I looked and my size, and people just went nuts on Twitter,” said Jax.

The former RAW Women’s Champion continued:

“And so to me, it was like, making it more real and made it better with everybody. People were like, F*ck Alexa! F*ck Mickie! They were really behind me. It was the only time anybody was f*cking behind me in the company, but they were really behind me.” [From 24:51 to 25:38]

Alexa Bliss has established a fanbase over the years who will be ecstatic when she returns to television. It will be interesting to see if Nia Jax gets the opportunity to return to WWE again in the future.

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