Remember when Roman Reigns and former champion were involved in a dog food segment in WWE? Know the story

Roman Reigns has seen his fair share of controversial storylines, but none seem to have evoked such a strong response from the WWE Universe as the dog food segment involving him and two former WWE champions. Let’s take a look at the infamous angle four years after it first aired.

Back in 2019, The Big Dog was involved in a storyline with some of WWE’s top heels at the time, including Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler. The duo tied Reigns to the ringpost and poured dog foot on him in arguably the most insane angle of the storyline.

Watch the clip below:

Corbin recently reacted to the infamous angle on its fourth anniversary. The former WWE United States Champion commented on Wrestle Feature’s upload of the video. He said the stench of the dog food had almost made him vomit.

“That legit almost made me vomit. It smelled so so bad.”

Corbin wasn’t the only one who wasn’t a fan of the angle. Paul Heyman revealed Roman Reigns had reached his breaking point with the infamous storyline. The Wiseman said the Big Dog was supposedly extremely displeased with how the storyline played out.

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