Rhea Ripley has one-word response to current WWE champion publicly insulting her partner

Rhea Ripley wasn’t part of this week’s episode of WWE RAW, but it appears that she was still watching along from home since she reacted to some of the biggest moments on the show.

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Ripley wasn’t the only champion who missed RAW this week since Chelsea Green was live-tweeting the episode and had some pretty harsh words to say about Dominik Mysterio. The Women’s Tag Team Champion claimed that Dominik’s “Dirty Dom” nickname came from the fact that he forgot to shampoo his “mullet.”

Ripley didn’t seem impressed with her fellow RAW star insulting Dominik, as she shared the following gif, seemingly asking Chelsea what she was talking about.

Chelsea suffered an injury at the hands of Nia Jax last week on RAW after the returning star attacked her. Green shared an image of her elbow injury, and it appears that this was the main reason why she was forced to miss this week’s show.

Rhea Ripley is expected to return to WWE ahead of Fastlane

There is only one more episode of the red brand ahead of Fastlane on October 7, leading many fans to predict that Ripley may be forced to miss the event. Her injury is a part of the storyline, so it’s unclear why she has missed two weeks of RAW, but she could return next week and set up a match against Nia Jax for Fastlane.

Ripley is one of the main stars who are advertised for the show, but on the video package for the event, Bianca Belair is also heavily advertised, and she also isn’t expected to be part of the show.

Do you think Rhea Ripley will make her return to WWE ahead of Fastlane? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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