Rhea Ripley saved WWE star from potentially breaking her neck on RAW this week

Rhea Ripley is known for being dominant in the ring, demolishing all she encounters. However, she’s also very experienced, and on this week’s episode of WWE RAW, that’s what showed. She saved a star from what could have been a horrible botch landing that might have even led to a broken neck.

Ripley was facing off against Maxxine Dupri in what most assumed would be a squash match. The Judgment Day member had something to prove to Damian Priest after the latter said he was the leader of the group. She won, but not before a few botchy moments in the match.

Rhea Ripley lifted Maxxine Dupri in what appeared to be a spot where the latter would hit Mami with the hurricanrana. Unfortunately, Maxxine didn’t seem to get up entirely on her shoulders and slipped down.

At that moment, it appeared that she might land on her neck, something that has led to multiple stars suffering horrifying injuries in the past.

Thankfully, Rhea caught and adjusted the star. The moment led to a rather botched hurricanrana, which saw Ripley looking upset, but at the same time, Maxxine had not landed on her neck.

Will Maxxine’s next match be pushed back by WWE, with Rhea Ripley potentially feuding with Ivy Nile?

Maxxine is still new to the ring; this was only her second singles match. Training with Alpha Academy, she has been getting somewhat of a push in recent months.

It will be interesting to see if WWE further delays her next singles match because of what almost happened on RAW this week. Meanwhile, Rhea Ripley appears to be set for a feud with Ivy Nile, going by the look the two shared after Maxxine’s match.

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