On Monday Night RAW, Rhea Ripley has been as dominant as ever. While she has done a great job as the Women’s World Champion, the Aussie has done even better at leading The Judgment Day. Some of Ripley’s decisions until now have been spot on and have benefitted the heel faction immensely.

Similarly, in the upcoming episode of the red brand, Ripley could make another such decision, which will see The Judgment Day receive a new member to their faction. The new member in question is Drew McIntyre.

On the upcoming episode of RAW, McIntyre is set to go one-on-one against Sami Zayn.

Now, given Rhea Ripley has favored McIntyre in the past, she could send JD McDonagh to help the Scotsman win his match against Zayn. Later, the Aussie could also demand the 38-year-old to join The Judgment Day since he owes her and the heel faction.

While the angle is speculative, this is the best way Ripley can convince McIntyre to join the heel faction because the Scotsman has shown no intention of joining them otherwise.

Hence, by doing a favor to the former WWE Champion, The Judgment Day might get one of the strongest superstars on Monday Night RAW.

WWE Legend believes Rhea Ripley can be the GOAT

Ever since Rhea Ripley beat Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39, no woman in the WWE has been able to stop her. While Natalya, Raquel Rodriguez, Nia Jax, and Zoey Stark have all tried, their efforts went in vain as the Women’s World Champion defeated them all successfully.

Ripley’s recent performances in the WWE have led many to believe she could go on to become one of the Greatest Of All Time. One man who certainly agrees with the same is Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels.

During his appearance on Cheap Heat podcast, Michaels was asked if Ripley could become the GOAT. Praising her, HBK answered:

“I was like, can we bring Rhea? Can I have her over there [NXT]? And that’s when, again, I think she really began to get comfortable and really blossomed. To answer your question, I think that it’s unlimited potential there. Let’s put it this way,” he said. [From 05:33 to 05:52]

The Heartbreak Kid further added:

“It is there for the taking. She is a special athlete. A look, a charisma, again the “it” factor we talk about. But I’ll say this, I didn’t know that she was going to, sort of, I don’t know, mature and elevate herself so quickly and look so comfortable…To answer your question again, Yes, I’m with you, and I’m in agreement with you.” [From 5:55 onwards]


Michaels’ acknowledgment of Rhea Ripley speaks of the immense talent the latter has. In the coming weeks on RAW, it will be interesting to see who WWE places in front of the Women’s World Champion.