Roman Reigns can’t be called the greatest of all time, according to legendary wrestling journalist; argues for multiple top stars (Exclusive)

Roman Reigns is clearly in the most dominant seat in wrestling today if his current run in WWE is anything to judge by. The star has ruled the roost for the past three years, and the run does not seem to lag. However, when it comes to the argument of who’s the greatest of all time, there’s more to talk about there, according to legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter.

During an interview in India, John Cena was asked by Sportskeeda’s own Riju Dasgupta what he thought of Roman Reigns’ current success. Cena replied that he believed that Reigns was the greatest of all time for his achievements.

That question was brought up during this week’s episode of Wrestling Time Machine. Bill Apter felt that when it came to the greatest of all time, while Reigns had achieved a lot, it was hard to pin down that accolade for only one person.

The legendary wrestling journalist said he could name 10 “greatest” wrestlers and that it could not be pinned down to one person, even if that was Roman Reigns.

“In terms of pro wrestling, the greatest of all time, I’ve got a list of 10 of them, so all at the same level. It goes back to the days of Bruno, Dory Funk, Jack Brisco, Harley Race, and keep going up and up, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair. I can’t come up with a greatest of all time. You can’t pin that down to one person when you’ve been in the business like I’ve been for 51 years,” Apter said. (1:06 – 1:37)

Roman Reigns is currently continuing a record run in WWE

Roman Reigns’ title reigns have crossed 1100 days. He is slowly heading towards the 1200 mark, crossing record after record on his way there.

There are still several records for him to break, with Bruno Sammartino’s reign of 2803 days still far from achievable.

It remains to be seen what Reigns does next, with the star absent from WWE programming over the last few weeks.

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