Roman Reigns to call for the beatdown of 40-year-old star on WWE SmackDown? Exploring the possibility

Just because Roman Reigns is missing from WWE TV, doesn’t mean he’s not pulling the strings on SmackDown for the entire Bloodline. Paul Heyman is seemingly constantly on the phone to the Tribal Chief keeping him updated on the latest developments and taking any orders, thus ensuring whatever remains of The Bloodline stays as strong as possible.

In Reigns’ absence, LA Knight took a shot at him on the latest episode of SmackDown. As per the former Million Dollar Champion, it doesn’t matter who he needs to dethrone, be it, Seth Rollins, Gunther, Rey Mysterio or Roman Reigns, he will take himself to the top of the men’s division. Considering the Tribal Chief has been champion the longest out of the four superstars, Knight may be eyeing the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship the most.

Roman Reigns doesn’t traditionally take lightly to being called out, and he may order a beat down on Knight, to put him back in place. Mostly likely, it will be Solo Sikoa who will execute the beating, but Jimmy Uso could also join the attack.

As of now, Jimmy believes he’s still in The Bloodline and has been functioning as such. So, it would make sense that he would want to carry out the Tribal Chief’s bidding to ensure he accepts him back into his faction.

Furthermore, Paul Heyman and LA Knight have had backstage segments together, showing an interest from Heyman’s side towards Knight. It’s well-known that the Wise Man has always associated himself with the next big star on the show, and LA Knight just might be that star. To ensure Heyman does not betray Reigns by switching alliances, the Tribal Chief might consider neutralizing the threat before it becomes fatal for his position as Head of the Table.

16-time world champion shares his opinion about Roman Reigns

Even though Roman Reigns has been missing from WWE TV, his impact is still felt during each live show. The Bloodline’s presence serves as a token of his dominance over the WWE Universe.

Lately, Reigns hasn’t been appearing for any premium live events, and was absent for the Superstar Spectacle show in India as well. However, John Cena was present at the event and spoke to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta about the Tribal Chief during the media junket.

The Champ was asked about whom the greatest of all time was, and he instantly responded with the Tribal Chief’s name.

“In my perspective I think Roman Reigns is the greatest of all time.”

Some may agree and some may disagree, but nevertheless, the Tribal Chief has played a monumental role in moving forward the Samoan Wrestling Legacy!

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