Shawn Michaels opens up on CM Punk WWE NXT appearance: “He should do me the favor”

CM Punk’s return to WWE at Survivor Series: WarGames is still one of the biggest news in wrestling this year. Shawn Michaels recently spoke about the possibility of The Best in the World appearing in NXT.

Michaels has done well to make the white and gold brand even more entertaining over the years. WWE is using the brand to build the superstars of tomorrow, and fans feel stars like Bron Breakker, Roxxane Perez, and Carmelo Hayes are already prepared for the big stage.

Recently, fans saw stars like Cody Rhodes and John Cena appear on WWE’s third brand. Paul Heyman also headed down to the brand on Roman Reigns’ instructions to ensure that the brand beats AEW in ratings.

In a media call before NXT Deadline, Shawn Michaels spoke about CM Punk’s return to WWE. He jokingly said he’s spoken well of the returning superstar, and The Best in the World should return the favor by appearing on NXT.

Check out what he said below:

“I spoke well of CM Punk in the previous call. He should do me the favor of appearing on NXT [laughs]. I don’t think it was a difficult decision for anyone. This is a business,” the legend joked. [H/T to Luigi Wrestling via Google Translate]

CM Punk seems to have been welcomed with open arms by many backstage in the Stamford-based wrestling promotion. It looks like he will be getting into a rivalry with Seth Rollins soon before going on to face Roman Reigns.

Shawn Michaels could put a few WWE NXT Superstars in the ring with CM Punk

Fans have seen many big names appear in NXT for one-off matches or full-blown rivalries. AJ Styles is one of the biggest stars in WWE who has had a few matches in NXT over the years.

While the idea of seeing CM Punk in NXT is too good to be true, some fans could see their dreams come true down the road. Shawn Michaels and Triple H could work a way around to have The Best in the World compete in a match or two on the promotion.

Many top stars could benefit from being in the same ring as Punk. Bron Breakker, Ilja Dragunov, and Carmelo Hayes are some of the big names on the promotion who could put on a good match against the former AEW star.

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