A tape company has posted sH๏τs of glamorous girls wearing gold or black flecks arranged to look like swimsuits and ʙικιɴιs for parties

REMEMBER that shocking trend of people covering their bodies in duct tape on nights out?

Well, it’s back – but this time models are wearing strategically placed tape to resemble swimwear.

The eye-popping fad has been made famous by the Black Tape Project, a US firm who “tape up” models to attend events.

This year, the company have posted sH๏τs of glamorous girls wear gold or black flecks arranged to look like swimsuits and ʙικιɴιs for pool parties.

The look leaves little the imagination and you might want to steer clear of the water if you don’t want to reveal more than you intend.

The Instagram page @blacktapeproject has posted a number of the dazzling “outfits” to its 261,000 followers, and they have received a mixed reaction.

One Instagram user gushed: “Stunningly gorgeous. A work of art on a work of art.”

Another said: “Wow very beautiful.”

Meanwhile one rationalised: “Sєxy as hell, but…That can’t be comfortable to have the tape down there :(“

Would YOU be brave enough to wear this look? Sun girl tries the new trend of wearing nothing but DUCT TAPE on a night out.

The company previously shared a video clip featuring a beautiful model taking a dip in the sea with nothing but the glittering gold design covering her modesty. Meanwhile glitter swimwear is the latest festival trend to hit Instagram.