Tattoo model with hundreds of inkings slips into latex boob top and chains

Mara Inkperial, an influencer from Germany, put on an ink-redible display as she donned a latex boob top with some chains for a series of racy snaps on Instagram

A model with hundreds of tattoos made sure her inkings were on full display in a series of recent snaps. Mara Inkperial garnered a mᴀssive following of 795,000 fans on Instagram – thanks to her gorgeous content.

The German is no stranger to flashing the flesh on social media and fans aren’t going to complain about that. Recently, she became a Sєxy snow angel as she stripped for a racy picture to flaunt her inkings.

Now in her latest upload, she asked fans if she was going to heaven or hell as she donned a latex boob top. In the first pH๏τo, Mara PH๏τoshopped some black angel wings as she wore a collar with chains strapped to her wrists.

She even had a buckle around her waist when she teamed the look with a pair of skimpy underwear. And of course we’re not forgetting the latex boob top which took centre stage in her snaps.

Mara managed to flaunt a lot of ink in the snaps, with her torso and leg area completely exposed. Her art work includes black and grey realism with portraits and geometric designs all over.

She posed in a different angle for the second sH๏τ but still kept her face out of the image. Fans were quite literally left H๏τ under the collar as the post racked up over 8,100 likes in the space of two days.

One wrote: “Now you’re speaking my language,” while another commented: “The wings are H๏τ AF.” A third simply put: “Highway to hell,” and a fourth posted: “Definitely heaven.”

Recently, she left little to the imagination in a two-piece lingerie set to flaunt her tattoos. In the pH๏τo, the dark-haired bombshell teased followers by pulling part of her undies down to show off her tattoos.

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