WWE has had multiple stars become the face of the company in different eras throughout its long history in the professional wrestling industry. For many years, that mantle had belonged to John Cena but was firmly passed on to Roman Reigns, who is currently at the top of his game.

Cena has been regarded as the GOAT now after his contributions to the Stamford-based promotion and numerous accolades as a superstar. However, Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta recently asked the 16-time World Champion in a media junket for Superstar Spectacle if he thinks Reigns is now his successor in WWE.

The Cenation Leader instantly replied that he considers the Tribal Chief the “Greatest of All Time.” The WWE Universe was stunned to hear Cena’s comments about Roman Reigns, to say the least, and reacted on social media.

Both Cena and Reigns are currently competing in the company and have crossed paths with each other several times. It’s safe to say that once both stars have called it done once and for all in the ring, the legacy they leave behind would speak for itself as the greatest stars of their generation, if not all time.

John Cena recently reacted to a WWE announcer calling him the ‘”Greatest of All Time”

John Cena recently made his much-awaited return to the WWE on Friday Night SmackDown’s previous edition to a cheering crowd applause. The 16-time World Champion would receive an even bigger welcome from the crowd the following night at Payback, along with a special introduction.

Cena has confirmed several dates for his current run in the company but has also hinted that his time in the ring might be up. The Cenation Leader had stated on the blue brand that he’s now staring down 47 years of age and knows he has to wind up from in-ring action.

John Cena was recently announced to host the Payback premium live event, with WWE announcer Mike Rome introducing him as “the Greatest of All Time.” The special introduction also seemed to have caught Cena by pleasant surprise and acknowledged Rome in the ring.