“That was one of my best matches I’ve ever had” – Tiffany Stratton reflects on facing 31-year-old WWE star

Tiffany Stratton has reflected on her Lights Out match against Wendy Choo last year, and she referred to it as one of the best matches she’s ever had.

The Buff Barbie Doll is currently scheduled to challenge Becky Lynch for the NXT Women’s Championship in an Extreme Rules match at No Mercy this Saturday. The Man defeated her to win the title on the September 12 episode of NXT, and she’ll finally get her rematch at the upcoming Premium Live Event.

During a recent interview with ComicBook Nation, Tiffany Stratton was asked if she has competed in a match like Extreme Rules before. She brought up her Lights Out match against Wendy Choo and stated that it’s probably one of the best matches she’s ever had.

“I think I did something similar (to an Extreme Rules match) with Wendy Choo. It’s actually probably one of my best I’ve ever had… It was a Street Fight (Lights Out). I think — yeah, it was a Street Fight I believe and yeah, honestly, I feel like that was one of my best matches I’ve ever had,” said Stratton. [H/T POST Wrestling]

Tiffany Stratton says WWE rejected the Barbie ideas she pitched

After joining WWE, the NXT star wanted to make a major addition to her character by incorporating some Barbie elements.

Tiffany Stratton wanted to be known as The Buff Barbie Doll, but she was told by the company that ‘Barbie’ was already a brand and it was not feasible to trademark it.

“The whole Barbie stuff, I actually wanted to be called the ‘Buff Barbie Doll’ since the very beginning. I pitched the Barbie stuff for a while and they always told me that, ‘Oh, we can’t trademark Barbie. It’s already a thing.’ So when I was a bodybuilder, I got on little Snapchat stories thing and they called me the ‘Buff Barbie Doll’ and I thought it was so cool, it matched perfectly and then I tried to bring it to WWE and they told me no,” Stratton said.

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