Sophie Mudd is a model born in 1998 with an innocent face but a hot body. Only thanks to a 31-second video, the American beauty gained attention and quickly became known.

Currently, Sophie Mudd has more than 2 million followers on Instagram and received the official green tick. “Muse defeats men in 31 seconds on air” is still creating a hot name.

Not only beautiful and sexy, Sophie Mudd also stands out with her charming fashion sense, which maximizes her body advantage.

The “innocent super round one” of the flag country works hard to wear dangerous bikini designs such as a string design or a V-neck slit.

Even when wearing discreet clothes, Sophie Mudd’s curves are not overshadowed by her perfect bust.

On her personal page, she often posts pictures of costumes such as swimsuits, hugging skirts.

However, there are also opinions that Sophie Mudd’s outfit is a bit too sexy, some images cause a revealing feeling. Sophie Mudd often chooses tight-fitting outfits to show her “hourglass” figure.

Of course, bikini is an indispensable choice because this is considered a “weapon” to respect the beauty of women. Even when wearing training clothes, Sophie Mudd shows her physical beauty and seductive style.