“The Bloodline ship sailed bro”, “No more Bloodline without Roman” – Suggestion of potential new members to Roman Reigns’ faction infuriates WWE fans

The Bloodline has helped Roman Reigns win countless matches in his current reign as Undisputed WWE Universal Champion. A member of Reigns’ family has suggested another angle to The Bloodline saga, and the fans are not too happy about it.

Reigns has seen The Bloodline crumble around him in recent months, but he has stayed strong and retained his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. However, he has regularly needed help from his faction members throughout his reign.

Fans recently saw Jey Uso break out and have a match against Roman Reigns before moving to RAW. Zilla Fatu, another member of Roman’s family, has now pitched an angle involving him and Jacob Fatu.

Zilla recently started working on Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling promotion to get groomed. Meanwhile, Jacob is signed to Major League Wrestling. The former suggested that WWE should sign the two men and have them team up with Jey Uso on RAW before going head-to-head with The Bloodline on SmackDown.

While the story sounds good on paper, fans are not too thrilled at the idea. The entire saga has gone on for three years, and fans want to see it come to an end soon. They also noted that Zilla is still very new to wrestling, and his inclusion won’t do justice to the dozens of other top stars awaiting their chance.

Check out some fan reactions below:

It should be noted that Main Event Jey moved to RAW so he could work on his solo career, being away from his family members. Bringing Zilla and Jacob Fatu into the mix would defeat the purpose and turn around everything in the company once again.

Former WWE star Gangrel has high praise for Roman Reigns’ cousin

Gangrel has had some expert opinions on the current products of Stamford-based promotion in recent months. The WWE legend recently said that Jacob Fatu could be bigger than Roman Reigns if he comes into the company.

Jacob is the son of Sam Fatu, popularly known as The Tonga Kid, and has wrestled for MLW since 2019. He has been trained by several top names, including Gangrel.

On his FANGIN n BANGIN show, Gangrel said Fatu presents himself in a traditional Samoan way. He added that the 31-year-old will be on The Tribal Chief’s level one day.

“MLW, it’s sad to see him there because he has the potential to be bigger than Umaga was,’ Gangrel stated. ‘He should be right up there with Roman Reigns, if not better. Roman Reigns has a different look – he’s taller, leaner – but Jacob has that, I don’t want to say savage, but he has that traditional Samoan like [screams] tear-your-head-off look, Headshrinker look” Gangrel added.

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