The children love Angelina Jolie’s role as a superhero

Angelina Jolie felt shared and encouraged when her children liked the blockbuster ‘Eternals’ and commented that the role in the movie was suitable for her.

Angelina Jolie said: “I think because the kids have seen my worst times, seen how broken I am. They also know I really fight hard for the people I love. I tell the kids yes a line from this character was for them and the children guessed the line: ‘When you love something, you will fight for it’”.

Angelina Jolie wears golden armor as a female warrior in her first superhero movie.  PH๏τo: Marvel

Angelina Jolie wears golden armor as a female warrior in her first superhero movie.

Her character is Thena, a 4,000-year-old female warrior with the ability to create any type of weapon from cosmic energy. She said the character is not as comfortable as in peacetime but clearly understands war and knows who she is in battle.

Initially, Angelina Jolie was invited to play a small cameo role, and the role of Thena was intended for another star. But when she showed a special interest in Thena, the two Marvel and Disney studios decided to give her a chance. The film helped Angelina Jolie increase her total income in 2020 to 35.5 million USD, ranking second in the top female stars with the highest income last year .

Although not the number one female lead role in the film, Angelina Jolie has great enthusiasm for the film and knows how to shine every time she appears. Through the revealed images, the actress shows off her beautiful appearance, arrogant charisma and humorous acting style. Her charisma is not inferior to the fiery Mexican actress Salma Hayek, who plays the central female role.

Angelina Jolie was close to Ma Dong Seok at the Eternals movie promotion event.  PH๏τo: EW

Angelina Jolie got close to Ma Dong Seok at the promotional event of the movie ‘Eternals’. PH๏τo: EW

Making her first superhero movie at the age of 45, Angelina enjoys running and fighting in golden armor. There were many scenes together. She and Korean muscle actor Ma Dong Seok (Don Lee) were close behind the scenes and worked well together in the movie. Both are fans of each other in real life, love each other’s acting and works.

Eternals (Immortal Race) is the second film of chapter 4 of the Marvel superhero universe to hit Vietnamese theaters, following the film Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rounds. The story follows the immortal army that defended the Earth for 7,000 years. After many delays due to the epidemic, the film will hit Vietnamese theaters.

Teaser phim ‘Eternals’

Along with Eternals, the first week of December will have two other horror movies released: Suicide Forest Villages of Japanese cinema and The Devil Below of American cinema. Thu Hai: Forest of Death is 117 minutes long, opening when a box originating from the Aokigahara suicide forest appears and emits ᴅᴇᴀᴅly curses, causing a series of tragedies.

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