Katy Perry said she feels guilty when she sleeps and forgets to remove her makeup. She also admits that she sometimes enjoys sunbathing despite knowing the harmful effects of UV rays on her skin.

“In the past, I’ve used a lot of foundation that didn’t match my skin tone,” says Perry. So I thought maybe I should take a little more time to fit in. When you’re young, you just think you can sleep with makeup on, but the reality is you shouldn’t.”

The great makeup secret that Perry inherited from her personal makeup artist – Jake Bailey. Normally, Perry doesn’t wear too much makeup, she focuses on her eyes, especially applying mascara to her eyelashes.

Katy Perry’s youthful skin
The singer said, “I used to have really bad skin in my early 20s. It’s related to stress and my body has been changing since entering adulthood.”

After trying laser treatments, various ointments, and facials, Perry says nothing has ever cleared up her skin. ”Someone recommended me to try a cleanser, but I don’t think there’s any way to fix it. I’ve been using it for 10 years, though, and it’s unbelievable. My skin became stable”.

Katy Parry uses makeup remover
You’d think Perry walked out of the show sweaty and greasy, but the singer told Elite Daily she didn’t really sweat a lot. “I have combination skin, so it’s not too greasy,” says Perry.

Perry once said she likes to use a lot of powder, which helps her face hold makeup very well. She told Elle: “I used to be scared to death when I put oil on my face but the powder really sucks up the oil and dirt from the skin.”

Katy Perry  has plastic surgery
In 2018, there were rumors that at the age of 33, Katy Perry had plastic surgery, but the singer denied it. She told Refinery29: ”I’ve never done anything on my face other than lasers and fillers under my eyes to reduce dark circles. For the rest, all the lines on my face are real. People tend to think they’re fake, but that doesn’t really matter.”

Perry also made it clear that she is not against cosmetic procedures. ”We’re getting rid of the stigma of being physically changed. Of course, always be who you really are, but if someone wants a nose job to make them feel better and love the way they look, that’s completely fine. Do whatever makes you feel better about yourself,’” Katy Perry said.

How Katy Perry Treats Puffy Face
Katy Perry once shared her preparation for the red carpet on Instagram. The singer went to see a longtime esthetician for an instant face lift. Treatments include a unique combination of facial cupping and lymphatic drainage to sculpt and тιԍнтen the face.

It’s an all-natural therapy, which most celebrity clients enjoy. It will correct the face if someone is tired or puffy.

Beautiful skin from within
As a meditation enthusiast, Katy Perry prioritizes her health to maintain radiant skin. The singer told Refinery29 that she has cravings, but has learned to control it with a balanced diet.

She said: ”I love food and sometimes if I’m not in the mood, all I want is traditional McDonalds ice cream. It tastes the same no matter what country you are in. However I have been eating better lately. I load less fast food, less sugar. My body’s endurance is much better. My face also lights up.”