Theatrical Romantic Body Type For Wardrobe, Outfits, And Style

This article has all the answers! Several features of the Romantic body type characterize the Theatrical Romantic type.

However, the admixture of dramatic features plays a significant role. A pinch of the Yang (divine male) element added to the most feminine type of beauty that the romantic type stands for. Adding tremendous changes in appearance and temperament (the whole essence of the personality). The two Oscars winner, charming Vivien Leigh, is considered the leading representative of the Theatrical Romantic character. Looking closely at her face, we see the worrier hidden behind a gentle, feminine beauty.

The masculine element Yang (divine male) makes the faces of theatrical romantic women no longer just gentle romantic; they become intriguing and significant. A seductive, sensual appearance replaces delicate beauty. Kibbe himself called the representatives of this type “femme fatale“. They have a striking appearance with expressive facial features.

theatrical romantic body type Moreover, Vivien Leigh often played the role of a seductive femme fatale in her personal and professional life. theatrical romantic body type Before Vivien Leigh played Scarlett O’Hara, Jean Harlow (Theatrical Romantic) flourished in Hollywood. Her stage image inspired the young Norma Jean, who became known throughout the world as Marilyn Monroe and faithfully followed the style of her idol. Unfortunately, Norma did not have the strong charisma typical of Theatrical Romance.

Marilyn Monroe’s expressive look results from several fixes and complete hair recoloring. The romantic Norma Jeane spent three hours every day in front of the mirror to introduce herself to the world as a theatrical romantic.

Yin manifests itself in the appearance of the theatrical romantic in diminutive stature, graceful physique and rounded shapes combined with a thin waist. Large eyes, plump lips, and wide hips are all Yin features in appearance.But unlike Pure Romance, there is the influence of Yang: these are sharp shoulders, high cheekbones, a pointed nose and chin, but not large, but delicate.

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