For world-famous actress Megan Fox, shooting Sports Illustrated was a new experience when she took to the beaches of the Dominican Republic for her 2023 cover pH๏τoshoot. But it was also something that the 37-year-old had manifested.

While on set of the shoot with pH๏τographer Greg Swales, the actress spoke about her journey to the coveted front page of the issue. “Shooting Sports Illustrated Swimsuit is definitely a lot of pressure, and it’s something that I manifested,” she explained. “I was at home getting ready for a different event and I just said out loud that I wanted to do a Sports Illustrated cover.”

At the height of her career and fame, Fox believed that if the cover shoot was “ever gonna happen, it should happen now,” she said of her mindset leading up to her trip to the Caribbean with the SI Swim team.

The series of pH๏τos that came out of the shoot were everything the team and Fox could have imagined and more. They were the result of hard work on the part of Swales and the team, but also a certain mentality that Fox had heading into the shoot.

“I have a vision in my head that I’m trying to achieve. I hope that the pH๏τos are beautiful,” she said. “I hope people take away that I’m a thoughtful, articulate, deep person.”

The Transformers star certainly achieved just that. Below are eight of the most beautiful pH๏τos from Fox’s debut in the Dominican Republic.