For months, Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti have been subject to the constant public uproar. Quite recently, a popular TV personality joined the bandwagon and slammed the FC Barcelona legend and his girlfriend. She had no mercy while criticizing the celebrity couple and termed them as ‘nobody’ without the presence of the Colombian icon Shakira in their lives.

Currently, the two of them are on vacation overseas amid a tough time going on in their relationship. They successfully managed to get away from the cameras and grab a much-needed break from all the paparazzi.

During all these months, the fanbase has always been kinder to Shakira. Considering her close bond with the fans, they’ve always been rude to her ex-boyfriend. The FC Barcelona legend has been criticized in public on multiple occasions. Once, he had to abruptly leave an NBA game because the fans just wouldn’t stop chanting famous lyrics from the Latin American singer. There’s some more criticism gone his way.

Recently, popular TV personality Laura Bozzo unexpectedly fired a not-so-kind statement. She was on a panel and they were going to talk about the soccer legend’s secret getaway with his girlfriend. But Bozzo clearly had other plans. She quoted, “Who cares? They are nobody without Shakira, the queen”, as compiled by El Deber and translated by DeepL.

The Peruvian talk show host is not the biggest fan of Clara Chia Marti. She called the PR student a ‘husband stealer’. That comment surely jaw-dropped the masses. Amid all the criticism, Pique and his partner have preferred to stay lowkey. A few days ago, the paparazzi pictured the couple on vacation overseas. The two of them had managed to sneak away without attracting too many eyes. Let’s dive deeper.

The paparazzi pictured the celebrity couple in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Both of them were happily chilling by the seaside in their beachy outfits. Without a doubt, this was a much-needed break for the soccer veteran and his better half. Reportedly, they’ve had a few arguments in recent times. The PR student hasn’t been happy with Pique as he has been agreeing to Shakira’s demands.

Milan and Sasha spent a lot of time travelling during this summer break and the Colombian icon was unhappy about it. She proposed a few adjustments to the separation agreement which Clara Chia Marti wasn’t happy with. The FC Barcelona legend’s new partner went to the extent of leaving her shared home with Pique in anger. Tough times for sure!