This Is How Candice Swanepoel Is A Typical Libra

Candice Swanepoel is a willowy blond who has made a fortune modeling for Victoria’s Secret. When she’s not on camera, this VS angel usually keeps a low profile. This is why it’s interesting to learn more about what makes her tick!

As far as fashion models go, Candice is actually fairly mysterious. She doesn’t seem to feel the need to make an appearance at a lot of Hollywood events. She doesn’t date famous musicians or pro athletes. She doesn’t have a diva reputation.

She’s a huge celebrity on social media, but her personality isn’t as well-known as the personalities of other VS angels, including Miranda Kerr and Gigi Hadid.

Anyone who wants to know what’s behind the perfect face and figure of this modern-day beauty icon will enjoy this list. Candice does have depth and substance. She’s more than a pretty face and toned body. She’s a fiancée, a mo, and a friend. She’s into fitness and does plenty for a very worthy charity.

Candice has a little boy now, who is the apple of her eye. As of late, she’s very vocal about the fact that women should be able to nurse their babies in public without being scorned or looked down on. This is why she’s such a great topic for this BabyGaga list. Nursing is natural and women should be able to nurse their babies while they are out in public.

Libras are known for their beauty and charm. They usually have ultra-symmetrical features which help to make them very popular people.

According to old-time astrological lore, Libras are born with a ton of blessings and tend to make their own troubles. Candice seems to steer clear of relationship difficulties and other common Libra pitfalls, such a laziness, and overindulgence in sweet treats.

She embodies the balance that this sign is known for, as well as the Libra gift for diplomacy. Libras know how to get along with others and they hate conflict. There hasn’t been much bad press about Candice. She tends to stay off the radar unless she’s under the spotlight, wearing wings for a VS runway show.

Miranda Kerr, who no longer models for VS, has gotten way more bad press than Candice. Remember when Miranda was linked with Justin Bieber? That strange, alleged romance was discussed in a US Magazine story and a million other places online.

Candice grew up on a farm that produced beef and dairy products, so she’s not one of those vegetarian models. She was raised eating beef and dairy and she still indulges in both of these food items today.

After she had her baby boy, she embarked on the typical post-baby diet and fitness program. She had to get her VS body back as it’s such a huge moneymaker. Plus, she’s fitness-oriented in general.

According to the Insider, her days always begins with coffee, followed by a H๏τ shower. She goes for smoothies or grilled cheese sandwiches for breakfast. She tends to do her workouts in the evenings and mixes yoga with other forms of exercise in order to tone many different parts of her body.

She’s a woman who craves meat, because of her upbringing. She works out a lot and is very conscious of her body and what it needs. She bounced back really fast after having her baby. You can, too.

She Studied Ballet
Ballet is a type of exercise that forms the body. It’s something that a lot of models and actresses did when they were growing up. Naomi Campbell is another model who started out with ballet and then developed an incredible runway walk. Candice has a perfect runway walk, too, even when she’s barely dressed.

Ballet is about grace. When you do it for years, you’ll tone your muscles and also learn to control your movements. Ballet training is helpful in the modeling and acting professions. Alicia Vikander studied ballet for years and she uses the discipline and grace that it taught her in her acting performances. Candice probably does the same to rule the VS runway.

Ballet is very hard work. When it’s a serious hobby, it is demanding. Women who do ballet know that it’s all about perfection. So, it’s a good training ground for modeling, which is about presenting a perfect image.

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