WWE had quite the show recently with the Survivor Series: WarGames 2023 event. The Premium Live Event featured the significant returns of CM Punk, Randy Orton, and R-Truth. Naturally, this added a lot of intrigue to the weekly shows.

The Monday Night RAW following the PLE featured all three men appearing in various segments. Meanwhile, Orton also appeared on Blue brand this past week to confirm himself as a SmackDown roster superstar. Even NXT had a big show, with a Fatal Four-Way Match featuring top stars from all three brands.

While a lot is happening and the Road to WrestleMania is growing nearer, some fans like to re-live the past as opposed to experience the modern product. For those wrestling fans, Sportskeeda offers a weekly installment for precisely that.

This week will see a mixture of positive and sad moments from the company’s past. This includes crowning achievements for certain stars, one of the most panned pay-per-views ever, and the unfortunate passing of a legend.

Below are five key events that happened this week in WWE history.

#5. The Undertaker won his first world title at Survivor Series on November 27, 1991

The Undertaker
The Undertaker

WWE held the 1991 Survivor Series on November 27. The show took place in front of over 17,000 fans in the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan. The show primarily featured the standard Traditional Survivor Series-style matches.

There was one match that broke this tradition, however. One year after The Undertaker made his WWE debut, The Deadman challenged Hulk Hogan for the WWF Championship. The Phenom had Paul Bearer by his side.

After just 12 minutes, The Undertaker won. This was thanks to Ric Flair interfering and aiding The Deadman with a steel chair. Still, regardless of the reasoning, The Undertaker won his first-ever world title on a monumental night.

#4. Sheamus became King of the Ring on RAW on November 29, 2010

Sheamus on SmackDown
Sheamus on SmackDown

The November 29, 2010, WWE Monday Night RAW episode was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and, interestingly enough, CM Punk on commentary.

The show was notable as it had the 2010 King of the Ring Tournament. 16 superstars from RAW and SmackDown competed for the historic crown. In the end, the finals saw Sheamus clash with John Morrison.

The two former Intercontinental Champions battled it out for around 12 minutes before The Celtic Warrior ultimately won. Unfortunately, his run as king isn’t fondly remembered, but it is one of many accolades he’ll forever have under his belt. He has won numerous other titles and major matches too, making for a Hall of Fame-worthy career.

#3. Kaitlyn won NXT’s third season on November 30, 2010

WWE NXT aired on November 30, 2010. This era of NXT was far different from what fans know today. The white & gold brand was once a competition show that saw wrestlers fighting to earn a spot on RAW and SmackDown, but the fights weren’t strictly in the ring. Much of the show was goofy competitions, such as carrying kegs.

This iteration was season three, which featured all female rookies attempting to win a contract with RAW and SmackDown. This specific episode was the season finale, which would ultimately crown a winner.

The final three were AJ Lee, Naomi, and Kaitlyn. AJ was then eliminated, making the final two, Naomi and Kaitlyn. In the end, the powerful Kaitlyn won and became the third-ever winner of NXT. Ultimately, though, Naomi would have a much longer WWE run.

#2. The great Pat Patterson passed away on December 2, 2020

Pat Patterson was a legend in WWE and pro wrestling as a whole. He first broke into the industry back in 1958. He had his last match in the year 2000, marking 42 years of in-ring action, though he was retired for many years before his final match.

While he did a lot on-camera, including becoming the inaugural Intercontinental Champion, it was Pat’s behind the scenes work that is best remembered. He played a crucial role in the Iron Man Match and invented the Royal Rumble Match as fans know it.

Sadly, the WWE Hall of Famer is no longer with us. He passed away on December 2, 2020. His passing was caused by liver failure caused by a bloodclot. He was 79 years old. Despite his unfortunate and tragic passing, Pat left an unforgettable legacy in wrestling that will live forever.

#1. WWE hosted ECW December to Dismember on December 3, 2006

WWE held the ECW brand’s only pay-per-view after officially launching on December 3, 2006. The big show was held in front of 4,800 fans at the James Brown Arena in August, Georgia.

ECW December to Dismember is regarded as one of the worst wrestling pay-per-views ever. Only a handful of matches were announced prior to the show taking place and the event lacked any energy and excitement that one would expect from a pay-per-view, especially from ECW.

The main event saw the ECW Championship defended in an Extreme Elimination Chamber. After just under 25 minutes, Bobby Lashley stood tall and victorious, defeating Big Show, Test, Rob Van Dam, CM Punk, and Hardcore Holly. The match, like the rest of the show, has been panned by most fans.