VERONIKA RAJEK has revealed that her boobs are so big because she used to drink beer in the ɴuᴅᴇ.

The Slovakian model has sH๏τ to fame thanks to her incredible figure and love for NFL hero Tom Brady.

Rajek revealed that her boobs are real and the secret behind why they’re so bigCredit: Instagram / @veronikarajek

She is a Slovakian modelCredit: Instagram/veronikarajek

She has 3.5million followers on Instagram and the influencer recently opened up about her life on the Pillow Talk podcast.

Rajek answered the question that many fans have been dying to know – whether her boobs are fake or real.

She replied: “They are mine.

“I didn’t have big breasts when I was younger because I was doing track and field for eight years.

“But one summer I was sunbathing, like naked, and I drank my father’s beer and I think they grew like this.

“If you want to have big breasts – drink beer.”

The 27-year-old is an admirer of Brady and stunned in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey, visiting the stadium to see her crush play.

Rajek is a self-confessed Brady super-fan, referring to him in a social media post as a “legend” before once again admitting her love for the 45-year-old.

While on the podcast, Rajek opened up about being an OnlyFans star and the perception it has in her home country.

Rajek said: “I love [my OnlyFans], we are like family.

“OnlyFans in Slovakia is something really terrible – they think everyone working is a w**** and gold-digger. They don’t understand the market.

“I always wear Sєxy clothes because I love it – they think I f*** everybody, but it’s very hard to f*** with me.

“I have a sister who’s 18 but I haven’t seen her for three years and we are totally different.

“I am the beautiful one. The first kids are always.

“I don’t go back and visit Slovakia much.”

She now spends lots of time in the United States and the model no longer uses her beer drinking tip to ᴀssist her looks.

Rajek said: “I love Miami. I go partying. I will stay out until 2am. I’m the responsible one and the driver.

“I am a super boring person – I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I don’t smoke, my friends always try to influence me but I’m like ‘no’.

“A lot of people are not funny but aggressive when they drink and I don’t like that. They smell and pee everywhere.

“I believe I want to live in the USA but it is not easy not becoming a citizen.

“In English I’m a listener, but in Slovak I’m super talkative.”

Veronkia Rajek has 3.5million followers onlineCredit: Instagram / @veronikarajek