Vin Diesel Talks About Inviting 92-Year-Old Actress Rita Moreno to Join ‘Fast X’

Vin Diesel, the iconic figure behind the beloved ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise, recently revealed his reasons for inviting the legendary 92-year-old actress Rita Moreno to join the cast of ‘Fast X’. In an exclusive interview, he shared his deep appreciation for the Latin community’s support and the significance of having Rita Moreno on board.

“Fast & Furious has been fortunate to have a much larger Latin audience than any other film franchise. The world supports us, and there’s always something special about the Latin audience,” said Vin Diesel. While he grew up and worked in New York, he has always been a passionate fan of Rita Moreno, the first Latina actress to ever win an Academy Award. He expressed his enthusiasm for working with her for the first time, saying it’s like a childhood dream come true.

Vin Diesel recalled a few years ago when he met Rita Moreno while receiving the Icon Award, and the idea of working together quickly took shape. “I don’t know if I proposed it to Rita first, or if she mentioned it, but the idea came together rapidly. It’s incredibly lucky. But the question was, is there a character worthy of being portrayed by such a talented artist who has become an icon of the film industry? And we decided to invite Rita to portray a crucial woman in a model family: Abuelita. It’s a dream come true for me,” Vin Diesel shared.

Rita Moreno, born in 1931, is one of the few artists to have won an Oscar, Emmy, Tony, and Grammy – the top awards in film, television, theater, and music in the United States and the world.

Reflecting on the Final Chapter of the Beloved Film Franchise

When asked about his feelings regarding the conclusion of the beloved and epic ‘Fast & Furious’ film series, Vin Diesel emphasized that it could only be done when there was enough trust from the audience. He mentioned that it has been a thrilling journey, and delivering on the promise he made to his cast a decade ago was both exciting and challenging.

Vin Diesel added that to capture these bold moments, they have been working hard for years, but to truly do justice to the final chapter, it had to be divided into multiple parts to honor the talented creative team that has become an integral part of the global phenomenon. Reflecting on the end of such a meaningful journey, Vin Diesel likened it to a chapter in his own life that brings a mix of emotions.

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The Progression of Dom and Letty’s Relationship

Vin Diesel also touched on the progression of the relationship between Dom and Letty in this latest installment. He mentioned that in the early days, while ‘Fast & Furious’ was still a young franchise, there were comments about not giving enough screen time to the Dom and Letty duo. However, he takes immense pride in how these characters have evolved over the years, becoming the longest-running love story in cinematic history.

Vin Diesel shared that he recently had a vacation with Michelle Rodriguez (who plays Letty) and someone jokingly suggested they should be in the Guinness World Records for having the longest-lasting love in Hollywood. Vin Diesel found it amusing and emphasized that what makes ‘Fast & Furious’ special is the relationships, both on and off-screen, built with love.

Introducing New Characters to the Franchise

Vin Diesel expressed excitement about introducing new characters to the ‘Fast & Furious’ audience, including Dante Reyes, portrayed by Jason Momoa. Despite being familiar with Jason Momoa’s face, Vin Diesel highlighted the unique way he embodied the character of Dante.

Vin Diesel stated that one of the proudest aspects of making these films is allowing artists to explore their characters in their unique way. What Jason Momoa did with Dante truly fits this tradition. Vin Diesel and the entire team were thrilled to introduce him to the audience. They needed an actor whose appearance immediately conjured the image of a formidable and fierce adversary. It was a challenge to portray a character capable of concealing deep pain and harboring terrifying thoughts like Dante, and Jason Momoa’s achievement in this regard added depth and entertainment value to the character.

In conclusion, Vin Diesel is both excited and emotional about concluding this epic journey of ‘Fast & Furious’. With the addition of the legendary Rita Moreno and the development of beloved characters like Dom and Letty, along with the introduction of new characters like Dante Reyes, ‘Fast X’ promises to be a thrilling and emotional chapter in the beloved film franchise.

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