Vin Diesel’s MCU Return AFTER Guardians 3 Teased by Marvel Producer

Vin Diesel is making a quick return to the role of everyone’s favorite Flora Colossus after last appearing in the MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

As Rocket once put it, Groot’s “vocabulistics [are] limited” to mainly being able to say the phrase “I am Groot,” leaving Diesel – who has provided the voice for Groot in all of his MCU appearances, – with the continuing challenge of conveying what his character is trying to say. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t have some fun in the process.

Groot’s Post-Guardians 3 MCU Return Is Imminent

I Am Groot Season 2 is very nearly here, meaning the diminutive Guardian of the Galaxy is back to make more mischief.

Kirsten Lepore, producer and director of I Am Groot’s upcoming second season, spoke to Josh Wilding on Vin Diesel’s reprisal of Groot following his last appearance in May’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

When askedaout Diesel’s voice acting in the series, Lepore remarked on the Fast and Furious star’s “wonderful” attitude while recording his lines:

”In our sessions… he’s always been so supportive and wonderful, and truly amused, which makes me so happy as a writer and director, like he likes it… And y’know, you see that in the performance and the work, you hear it, that he’s really bringing his all to it and really enjoys and loves this character.“

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Lepore also commented on the little flourishes and “additional effort” that the actor added to Groot:

“He’ll not only do the lines, but he’ll always put in all the additional effort that he’s not even required to do. He just fully commits and I love that about his performance.”

I Am Groot Season 2 marks Diesel’s first portrayal of Groot since Guardians 3, which was the end of the Guardians’ run in the MCU under James Gunn’s direction.

Potential for More Groot Adventures Post-Guardians 3?
After Season 2 of I Am Groot, there are no more appearances for Groot on the books for the MCU, at least any that fans are aware of. But could he show up again someday?

Anyone who saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will know that the original Guardians team broke up and went their separate ways at the end of the movie, but not before Quill made Rocket the group’s new leader. Rocket and Groot then formed a new roster that was showcased in Vol. 3’s post-credits scene.

James Gunn has stated multiple times that the original MCU Guardians team is done, but he didn’t rule out more exploits for the new Guardians. Gunn just wouldn’t be involved behind the scenes, as he’s got bigger fish to fry these days.

The revamped Guardians of the Galaxy could possibly crop up in a project like Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, especially given Rocket’s close association with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and one can bet that Groot would be right there beside them standing tall in his gigantic new form.

Plus, if or when Groot makes his presence known again, he’ll presumably be speaking in full, understandable sentences, like he did at the end of Guardians 3. That would certainly provide an interesting new wrinkle in Vin Diesel’s performance.

Marvel Studios’ I Am Groot Season 2 arrives on Disney+ on Wednesday, September 6 with all five of its episodes.

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