[WATCH] Unseen footage of The Rock during blockbuster return on WWE SmackDown surfaces online

The Rock returned to WWE on the September 15 episode of SmackDown to surprise everyone. His entrance earned one of the biggest pops of all time, and an alternate angle of the same has surfaced online.

Last week’s SmackDown opened up with Pat McAfee kicking off the show before being confronted by Austin Theory. It didn’t take long for McAfee to call out The Great One to surprise the WWE Universe.

The Brahma Bull’s entrance earned the biggest reaction of the night and amassed hundreds of millions of hits on social media platforms. Now, an alternate angle of his entrance has been released to give fans another viewpoint of The Most Electrifying Entrances in Sports Entertainment.

Fans saw a man run behind The Rock on stage while he was making his entrance. His efforts bore fruit, as footage from his camera has also been added to the new video.

Check out the unseen footage of The Rock’s blockbuster return below:

It’s unclear whether The Rock will get into any rivalries following his impactful return to SmackDown. He could slowly start building towards a potential match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 soon.

Former WWE writer Vince Russo wasn’t too happy with the timing of The Rock’s return

The Great One made his return after four years at last week’s episode of SmackDown. He made a major impact on the show’s rating with his appearance.

However, Vince Russo believes WWE shouldn’t have brought him back on the same day they had to lay off many employees. Speaking on Legion of RAW, Russo questioned how much they paid The Rock to return.

“You know what was really sad that nobody brought up? When was the last time we saw Rock on WWE TV? Four years ago. They bring this dude back the same day they fire 100 employees. I’m like, ‘What did they pay Rock?’ Like, literally, could they have paid those employees for a year? The timing of that. We’re cutting the fat, and we’re firing 100 people, but we’re gonna pay Rock. God knows how much money [he took] to make an appearance?”

It should be noted that WWE has merged with UFC to form TKO Group Holdings. Many of the decisions made by the higher-ups will likely be a result of the newly formed company’s board.

Do you want to see The Great One compete in a few matches at upcoming premium live events? Share your top picks as his opponents in the comments section below.

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