What if Batista returns at WWE Fastlane 2023? Exploring 4 feuds

WWE Fastlane 2023 is just a handful of weeks away. The premium live event will be a joint presentation from Monday Night RAW and Friday Night SmackDown. It will stream live on Saturday, October 7, from the Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana.

So far, no matches have been announced for the big event. While there are several potential bouts that will seemingly make the card, nothing has yet been made official. Naturally, this allows the WWE Universe to fantasy book the best matches possible.

Fans are also expecting the potential return of Batista. The Animal showed an openness to make an appearance due to the ongoing writers’ strike, which has caused Hollywood productions to come to a screeching halt. John Cena and The Rock, two other former world champions who now dominate other avenues of entertainment, have both appeared in WWE recently.

If The Animal were to return, he could do so in time for a quick story at the Fastlane Premium Live Event. This could, in theory, be a one-and-down feud that could end before the strike. If the former world champion did have a quick feud in the company, what might it look like? Who could he compete against?

Below are four possible feuds for Batista if he were to return to WWE at Fastlane.

#4. Randy Orton was seen at the WWE Performance Center

No active superstar has a history with Batista that Randy Orton does. Both men were signed to WWE over 20 years ago and came up through Ohio Valley Wrestling. They also both debuted on the main roster in 2002 and eventually joined Evolution.

The two men teamed up and feuded at various times throughout their careers, but they never had a big final match. If Batista were to come out of retirement for one more bout, it would be appropriate to choose an opponent like Randy Orton.

Unfortunately, The Viper has been out of action for over a year. Orton injured his back and had major surgery, from which he has been recovering. However, Randy was spotted at the WWE Performance Center recently. It could potentially mean he is planning an in-ring return. Could Batista and Orton both be back for Fastlane?

#3. Bron Breakker could capitalize by feuding with a future Hall of Famer

Bron Breakker on NXT
Bron Breakker on NXT

Bron Breakker is the future of WWE. At only 25 years of age, the son of Hall of Famer Rick Steiner and the nephew of Scott Steiner is already a two-time NXT Champion. He has also toured with the main roster, including at the recent Superstar Spectacle show.

However, the future star has not exactly made friends on WWE NXT. Despite initially performing as a babyface, Bron has since turned heel. Apart from being a villain, he also dominates whoever comes in his path, the most appropriate example could be Von Wagner.

Many fans believe that Bron is due to join the main roster soon. If he does, having a match with Batista could be the perfect way to utilize The Big Bad Booty Nephew. He could be on the receiving end of The Animal’s charismatic moves but eventually emerge victorious, allowing Batista to shed his legacy to a different generation.

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