When a former executive wanted to bring Alexa Bliss to AEW

Alexa Bliss has made a name for herself in WWE, amassing several great accolades, including being a triple-crown champion. She previously had gotten the attention of a particular former AEW executive who would bring her in a heartbeat. This would be Brandi Rhodes.

Brandi and her husband, Cody Rhodes, held executive positions while still with AEW. She was the Chief Brand Officer. With her husband now being with WWE, she has decided to take up a non-wrestling role as she opened her new yoga studio.

Four years ago, when speaking at a panel at the Starrcast IV fan convention, Brandi Rhodes was asked who she wanted to bring into AEW’s women’s division.

She named Alexa Bliss, saying that this would be a no-brainer decision.

“I would take Alexa Bliss in a heartbeat. I love Bliss, I love her. I feel like she’s got something […] she’s multi-dimensional talented.” [H/T WrestleTalk]

Alexa Bliss recently gave birth to her first child

Last week, Alexa and her husband, Ryan Cabrera, announced their firstborn has finally arrived.

They brought out all the fun and creativity during the announcement, as a video montage showing Cabrera walking with a baby carrier in hand, with the song Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix playing in the background.

Moments later, you would hear the announcement of their baby’s arrival as if of a professional wrestler.

“Weighing in at 6 pounds 9 ounces, she is 21 inches of fury, Hendrix Rouge Cabrera.”

Now, Bliss will look to focus on her family in the meantime, and it remains to be seen when she will make a return to the ring and how things will go.

How would you plan Little Miss Bliss’ return to WWE? Let us know your ideas in the comments section below.

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