Why did Stephanie McMahon leave WWE in 2023?

Stephanie McMahon replaced her father, Vince McMahon, after the latter announced his retirement from WWE in July 2022. He returned to the Stamford-based promotion at the beginning of his year, which meant changes in the company’s position.

A lot of things happened in WWE last year. After Vince faced allegations of sexual misconduct the previous summer, Stephanie McMahon was named the interim Chairwoman and CEO of the company. Her father’s retirement in July resulted in her position becoming permanent. Fans mostly saw the change positively, but it did not last long. Vince then settled the lawsuit in January of this year and speculations about a return surfaced not long after.

In a statement, Stephanie McMahon shared that she decided to leave WWE since it was “in such a strong position” with Triple H, her father, and Nick Khan in charge. She added that she would remain dedicated to the company despite her exit. She closed the letter by sharing the company’s motto before signing her name.

As of this writing, Vince McMahon is the Executive Chairman. Nick Khan is the CEO, and Paul Levesque has retained his role as Chief Content Officer.

What happened to WWE after Stephanie McMahon left the company?

The Stamford-based promotion displays weekly action inside the wrestling ring, but just as many activities occur backstage. After Stephanie left the company and her father returned, more events began to take place.

After Vince McMahon returned to the company, it was reported that it was so he could see to its sale. Multiple well-known corporations were pitched as buyers, including Disney, Netflix, Comcast, FOX, and more. The rumors were quickly shut down after it was announced that Endeavor, the parent company of the UFC, had bought the wrestling company.

Details regarding the deal revealed that UFC and WWE would merge to form a new company. Vince would have the role of Executive Chairman of the Board. Ariel Emmanuel would lead the company, with Mark Shapiro as President and Chief Operating Officer, Dana White as UFC President, and Nick Khan overseeing WWE. The Vince McMahon-led corporation was valued at $9.3 billion.

Although Stephanie McMahon has left the Stamford-based promotion’s corporate world, she could always return for some sporadic moments like her brother, Shane McMahon. Still, it’s good to see that the 46-year-old now has more time to spend with her family.

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