Why is Megan Fox facing backlash over her GoFundMe request? Here’s what we know

Megan Fox has been hit with criticism after she asked fans to contribute to her friend’s GoFundMe campaign instead of donating the $30k she needs to reach her fundraising target. According to the GoFundMe page, Brittney, a nail tech, started the campaign to help her father, Michael, who has pancreatic cancer and is 64 years old. Brittney said she wanted to help pay for Michael’s medical bills so he could ‘focus on himself’ and not worry about money.

Megan Fox was criticized for soliciting fans to contribute to her friend’s donation
Megan Fox who is believed to have a net worth of around $8 million re-tweeted the fundraising page on her social media account on Monday.

“My friend’s dad was recently diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called pancreatic carcinoma. If you can help me please do,” she wrote, adding a link to the page.

However, fans were quick to take issue with Fox, accusing her of hoarding money and asking those who are much poorer than her to contribute their funds.

“Millionaire Megan Fox sharing a GoFundMe for 30k is a joke,” one angry user tweeted. Another frustrated fan said, “If I had that kind of money, I’d pay for 100% of my friend’s parent’s medical bills before asking strangers to do it.”

“The highest donation so far is only $300 and it’s linked to Jesus Guerrero,” wrote another. A fourth user wrote, “Sis should contribute and lead the way.”

While Megan’s name isn’t listed on the GoFundMe page, it’s possible she contributed directly to Boyce’s family.

When Megan Fox concealed a tattoo that paid tribute to her ex-husband
Megan Fox, who was previously married to Brian Austin Green got a tattoo to honor him. However, recently, a pH๏τo of Megan flaunting her new tattoo near her ʙικιɴι line surfaced on the internet. The tattoo artist who covered up the Green tattoo shared pH๏τos of his creativity. The picture showed Fox flaunting her new tattoo after she got rid of Brian’s name.

For the unversed, Fox and Green broke up in May 2020. They announced their split after nearly 10 years together. The ex-couple shares three sons: Noah, 10, Bodhi, 9, and Journey, 6, and they continue to co-parent them.

Meanwhile, Megan has moved on with Machine Gun Kelly and they are now engaged. After rumors of trouble in paradise, the couple was recently clicked on several outings together. And, as per reports, Megan and MGK are now planning their wedding.

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