Randy Orton was recently spotted outside the WWE Performance Center, which created a wave of exhilaration among the fans as it sparked rumors of his WWE return. It looks like The Viper is finally getting in shape for his much-anticipated comeback to the promotion.

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However, there’s a good possibility that Orton will have to give up using his iconic finisher, the RKO, if he returns to WWE. He went through a spinal fusion surgery last year, which has kept him away from WWE television.

Doctors have advised him never to wrestle again due to his back surgery, as it might be perilous, leaving him in a precarious state. The RKO is a maneuver that has a lot of impact on the user’s back, and Randy Orton has been performing it for the last two decades.

Therefore, he might stop using it after his return to avoid taking unnecessary bumps on his recently repaired back. The Apex Predator will have to avoid the iconic move in order to remain in this industry for a long time.

Randy Orton might use the Punt Kick as his finisher in his matches after his return. However, he could use the RKO on very rare occasions, as this is one of the most legendary moves in the world of pro wrestling.

Possible timeline of Randy Orton’s return

As soon as Orton was spotted outside the Performance Center, the WWE Universe went berserk, and there has been a whirlwind of speculation about his possible WWE return timeline.

Fans have been waiting for his much-anticipated return to the Stamford-based promotion since last year. The Apex Predator is seemingly getting in shape for his big return to WWE.

Randy Orton might possibly return at next year’s Royal Rumble by appearing as a surprise entrant in the 30-man Rumble match. This will surely receive one of the loudest reactions in WWE history.

Although Survivor Series is WWE’s next big premium live event, the prospect of his return to the spectacular event is slightly low. However, with WWE being ushered into a new era under TKO Group Holdings, anything might happen.

Randy Orton might even make his shocking return on a random episode of RAW or SmackDown, as WWE recently pulled off one such shocker in the form of The Rock’s unfathomable return to the promotion.

Although Royal Rumble 2024 seems to be the perfect place for his comeback, WWE could pull the trigger sooner rather than later, before the January extravaganza.