Wrestling veteran reacts to The Undertaker’s comments about Bray Wyatt (Exclusive)

The Undertaker’s recent praise for Bray Wyatt has prompted a comment from another wrestling veteran, who believes it is one of the greatest accolades any wrestler can get.

Bray Wyatt was known to be a visionary in terms of character work in the pro wrestling business. The personalities he portrayed inside the squared circle were often very well received by fans, as he had a tendency to stand out. His premature passing had caused ripples in the industry, as many mourned the loss.

On the latest episode of Sportskeeda’s The Wrestling Outlaws, NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3 talked about his relationship with Bray and Undertaker’s praise for the superstar.

“Knowing him because we came up together, like I’ll wax poetic about Windham any chance I get and I’ve done it plenty of times, like that’s one thing. The ultimate peer, the guy (Undertaker) that dictates and judges character and talent in the locker room for the longest time, seeing that, it’s good,” said EC3. [2:22 onwards]

Check out the full video below:

Former WWE writer Vince Russo also praised Bray Wyatt

Bray’s intelligence and vision have always been quite clear in the business, something which Vince Russo has not failed to notice.

On the same episode of Sportskeeda’s The Wrestling Outlaws podcast, Vince Russo stated that The Fiend was misunderstood for his intelligence.

“Them saying ‘I don’t know about that’ is them saying I don’t understand that. That’s what is because EC3 knew him, and they had a relationship. I did not know him, but bro, I could tell his level of intelligence was just… They did not understand him, because his brain was working on a different level. So when they say ‘I don’t know about that’ they mean I don’t understand that,” said Russo. [1:16 onwards]

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