Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE News and Rumor Roundup, where we aim to bring you the most exciting stories and rumors from the world of sports entertainment. Today’s edition revolves around top names like former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, Alexa Bliss, and the late Bray Wyatt.

WWE recently merged with UFC under the TKO Group Holdings banner. While Vince McMahon is still on the board of directors, Triple H is not. Reports also suggested that more than 100 people have been released following the deal. Let us take a look at what the backstage morale is in the company following the development.

#3Backstage morale seemingly ‘decimated’ in WWE

Mike Johnson of the PW Insider reported that the morale backstage is very low following WWE’s recent decision to fire numerous employees, including some significant names.

Johnson mentioned that describing the staff’s reaction to the development as “decimated” would be an understatement. Many seemingly believe such layoffs wouldn’t have happened if Stephanie McMahon were still in charge.

WWE employees reconvened at the office on Monday after being instructed to work remotely on Friday in anticipation of imminent job cuts. Ultimately, the company had to part ways with more than 100 workers last week. The report also stated that the remaining personnel had to do the ”heavy lifting’ after their peers were released

#2 Alexa Bliss’ heartwarming tribute to Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt tragically passed away on August 24, 2023. The wrestling community sent its condolences to Wyatt’s family and spoke about his remarkable personality. His former on-screen partner Alexa Bliss has now given the middle name Rogue to her soon-to-be-born daughter as a potential tribute to Wyatt. She liked posts on Twitter that suggested that her child’s name was in honor of Wyatt.

Her daughter will go by the name of Hendrix Rouge Cabrera. Bliss later tweeted that she chose her daughter’s first name to pay homage to the iconic singer Jimi Hendrix. Additionally, she said that the name ‘Rouge’ held significance for her due to personal reasons.

During the latest episode of Monday Night RAW, WWE Superstars Kofi Kingston and Ivar delivered an exceptional match that garnered widespread praise from fans and company officials. Kingston’s fellow New Day member said the following about the former’s performance in the bout:

“I’m clearly biased, but I’m thankful we still get to watch @TrueKofi deliver incredible performances this deep into his career. Grateful for you, legend, while we still have you in the ring,” said Big E on Twitter.

The New Day was initially scheduled to take on The Viking Raiders in a two-out-of-three falls match. Official Adam Pearce disclosed that Erik from the opposing team had not received medical clearance to compete. Consequently, this resulted in an instant classic showdown between Kingston and Ivar. The former world champion picked his first singles victory since February on this week’s show.