WWE SmackDown: 4 Money in the Bank 2023 questions on everyone’s mind

The post-Money in the Bank 2023 episode of WWE SmackDown is one of the most anticipated in quite a while. After multiple landscape-changing results in London, the blue brand has the potential to shape the future of the company with what is likely to be peak viewership.

The trial of Roman Reigns in the Tribal Court will put some popcorn machines to work, while WWE Women’s Champion Asuka will be besieged from all ends. Elsewhere, multiple stars will be seeking to regain lost momentum, not least of whom will be United States Champion Austin Theory. WWE Hall of Famer Edge will be on The Grayson Waller Effect, most likely setting up a SummerSlam match.

The Friday Night show has a lot to achieve, and one of its most important objectives will be to answer these questions from MITB.

#4: How will Austin Theory get back on track?

The reign was good Til after Mania, then it got boring. The problem isn’t Theory, it’s the booking. He beat JOHN CENA and the company is acting like he beat Cedric Alexander. Moving him to Smackdown was a mistake too he hasn’t gotten a lot of time since twitter.com/wrestlefeature…

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Austin Theory has now been US Champion for over 220 days.

Thoughts on the reign so far? 🤔

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Austin Theory is arguably the most underappreciated champion on the WWE main roster. Despite hanging with every single veteran thrown at him with decades more experience than him and never having a bad match, The Now has been subject to harsh fan criticism. While nobody can deny that Theory currently has little to no momentum, it’s mostly down to inconsistent booking.

The United States Champion needs a showcase feud to remind the audience of what he’s capable of. This will, in turn, return the US Title to the heights that he, Seth Rollins, and Bobby Lashley raised it to in late 2022 and early 2023. The first step in this rejuvenation journey will be an acclaimed SummerSlam feud, possibly with a popular star like Sheamus, Edge, or LA Knight.

#3: Which non-title feuds will WWE SmackDown build for The Biggest Party of the Summer?

A few SmackDown stars will have something to say about Summerslam
A few SmackDown stars will have something to say about Summerslam

WWE SmackDown was incredibly well-represented at Money in the Bank 2023. The likes of LA Knight (YEAH!), Zelina Vega, Santos Escobar, Bayley, and IYO SKY showed up and showed out in front of the O2 Arena crowd. They will be looking to build on their London exploits and build momentum on the road to SummerSlam.

Meanwhile, other performers on the blue brand, like AJ Styles, Bobby Lashley, and the returning Edge, could set foot on the path to SummerSlam. The upcoming episode of SmackDown needs to begin setting up a few of these storylines tonight, especially given that the Biggest Party of the Summer is less than a month away.

#2: Which challenger will get first crack at WWE Women’s Champion Asuka on SmackDown?

If they do Charlotte vs Bianca vs Asuka at SummerSlam imagine the scenes if Asuka retains the title after a grueling match vs two of the best and Iyo cashes in out of nowhere to become Women’s Champion….
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WWE Women’s Champion Asuka is arguably the most endangered champion in the entire company right now. No other champion currently faces more danger from credible challengers than The Empress of Tomorrow. Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair, and IYO SKY each have a history with the champion and a reason to challenge her going into Summerslam. It seems obvious that she will have her hands full.

Who will have the first go at her? Will it be Belair, Flair, or both after last Friday’s disqualification ending? Will The EST turn full-blown heel or toe the line as a babyface with a mean streak? Will SKY factor into all this, or will she deal with the palpable tension between her and Bayley first? Fans can’t wait to find out.

#1: What will the outcome of the Trial of Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown be?

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As has been the norm for most of the past several months, The Bloodline storyline is the most anticipated part of WWE SmackDown. This week, The Tribal Chief himself, Roman Reigns, goes on trial in Tribal Court presided over by The Usos. The Head of the Table was pinned for the first time in 1294 days at Money in the Bank, and his empire has generally been crumbling lately.

What repercussions will come out of the trial of Reigns? Will a singles SummerSlam match for the Undisputed Universal Championship be set up in the segment? Could Jimmy and Jey Uso bring in an elder of the family to hold The Tribal Chief accountable? The possibilities are endless, and it is needless to say that fans are at a fever pitch.

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