Bizarre New Trend: Women Wearing Nothing But DUCT TAPE To Go Clubbing (PH๏τOS)

Takes minimalism to a whole ‘nother LEVEL.

Nightclubs full of women who are barely dressed — you know that the guys are loving it. Women hardly dressed for a night out of dancing barely seems revolutionary, but in this case, these women aren’t dressed… like, at all.

The trend? Duct tape.

That’s right, the time is now to start investing in duct tape clothes because just like the days of those silly wallets everyone had, a revolution is coming and it involves a whole lot of tape.

Women are now taking style to a whole new level by cutting duct tape into tiny pieces and designs and wearing them as clothing. It looks similar to body paint, but it probably hurts a whole lot more to take off when the night is over.

And, wait, what about their, um… lady parts? That can’t feel good to take off at the end of the night.

While you might be ready to slam these ladies for objectifying themselves and possibly looking for attention in all the wrong places, it turns out that these girls are models, part of a bigger project.

The Black Tape Project is a US firm who takes models and tapes them up before attending events. These “outfits,” as they call them, are meant to combine household items with the natural beauty of the human body. OK, maybe it’s not so bad.

Their main medium is Instagram and the project has over 169,000 followers, which isn’t too surprising because, well… half naked models.

The artist behind the trend is Joel Alvarez, who is based out of Miami and uses clubs in the area to showcase the duct tape works of art. While art and fashion are huge components of the trend, it also focuses on business too!

While these duct tape clothes are certainly nothing like what you would get at a retail store, they are pretty cool, right? Let’s hope it’s not as painful taking the tape off as it is putting it on.

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