Machine Gun Kelly Is Throwing Punches Again, This Time At Someone Who Dropped An F-Bomb About Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox decided to take a trip to the O.C. Fair. However, the evening out got a bit chaotic when MGK apparently tried to hit someone who dropped an f-bomb while apparently attempting to compliment the actress. This is the second time in a month the musician has taken a swing at someone, however, this recent hit wasn’t requested.

Unlike the time a fan asked Kelly to punch him at a concert, this instance was instigated by a comment made about Fox. Nelson Zuniga, the brother of Angel, the man MGK tried to hit, told TMZ they were waiting in line for a UFO ride, and everyone was recording because the rapper-turned-rocker and Fox were there. He went on to recall his side of the story and what his younger sibling experienced, saying:

My little brother noticed that and he told Megan Fox as soon as he seen her ‘Oh, you’re beautiful as fuck,’ and then Machine Gun Kelly said ‘What you say?’ And then he tried to slap him. He did get a piece of him, but my brother moved a bit, but he didn’t slap him. Then my other younger brother tried to get in and punch him, but he missed. That’s when the security guard came in.

After the situation was defused, Zuniga said MGK and Fox left, noting he thought it was because the musician didn’t want to “get ran into again.” When asked if his brother stepped over the line with his comment, Zuniga said:

I don’t think it was over the line, because she’s in Transformers, she’s in all types of movies, she is a beautiful woman. Personally, if it was me and I was with Megan Fox and someone said that, I wouldn’t mind. I would even be like ‘Do you want a picture with her?’ Because it was like a celebrity, you know what I mean?

He went on to defend his brother more, alleging:

All he did was give her a compliment, and I don’t know, it got under Machine Gun Kelly’s skin, and I don’t know what got into him to slap my brother because he didn’t touch her.

Zuniga was asked if they’d be filing a police report against MGK, and he didn’t say yes or no, but did say they’d be talking to lawyers.

This instance came not long after Machine Gun Kelly’s odd experience at a concert where a fan asked him to punch them and he obliged.

Also, the tense situation at the fair happened amid lots of reports surrounding the musician and Fox allegedly reconciling and getting back to wedding planning. After Megan Fox and MGK’s relationship got turbulent, it seems like they are doing much better now. They’ve reportedly “done a lot of work,” and the Expend4bles star reportedly “seems much happier” these days.

As this story regarding Machine Gun Kelly reportedly trying to hit someone at the fair develops, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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