Megan Fox’s ‘Brian’ Tattoo Is Not the First Ink She’s Gotten Rid Of — See All Her Artwork

Just ask Megan Fox, who has gotten rid of more than one tattoo. This month, the actress, 37, was featured in an Instagram post made by New Jersey-based tattoo artist Jesse Krydick, who was visiting Los Angeles on a nationwide tour. The pH๏τo shows Fox’s torso ornamented with a dainty star-and-moon-speckled snake wrapped around flowers, with its tongue reaching for a triangle — covering what previously was a tribute to her ex-husband Brian Austin Green.

Before the intricate snake design took up a majority of Fox’s right hip, the actress had the word “Brian” etched in small, cursive typography in the same spot. Fox and Green’s divorce was finalized in 2022, which meant it was time for something new for the Transformers actress.

“Was able to completely hide the old tattoo underneath the new snake and flowers she wanted… very grateful for all of the opportunity tattooing has given me and all of the cool people I’ve met along the way,” Krydick wrote in the post before thanking Fox for her trust.

This is not the first time the Jennifer’s Body actress has gone back on a tattoo, and certainly not the first time her body art has become the center of public attention. Throughout her career, Fox has subtly gained (and lost) several tattoos, usually keeping quiet about them until asked. Currently, Fox is sporting over 20 tattoos — even though they’re not always visible on the big screen or red carpet.

Most of Fox’s pieces are done in traditional style, and are all colorless except for one design on her ankle. Here’s a rundown of the actress’ intricate ink lineup — starting from the top!

The Chinese symbol for “strength” on the back of her neck

Even though Fox’s long hair frequently covers this small design, the actress has the Chinese symbol for “strength” tattooed under her hairline on the back of her neck.

“We will all laugh at gilded ʙuттerflies” on her right shoulder

Fox’s gothic quote tattoo across the back of her shoulder is a nod to a familiar master playwright. The phrase “we will all laugh at gilded ʙuттerflies” is a callback to act 5, scene 3 of William Shakespeare’s 1606 play King Lear. Shakespeare writes: “so we’ll live, and pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh at gilded ʙuттerflies,” which doesn’t exactly match the permanent phrase Fox decided on, but instead, shows her own artistic take on the literature.

The Spanish world “el pistolero,” or “the gunman,” under her left collarbone

Ever since meeting on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrᴀss in March 2020, Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been an inseparable and very public duo. Throughout that year, social media posts, public outings and that one time Fox starred in MGK’s “Bloody Valentine” music video confirmed a blossoming relationship between the actress and rapper to many fans. But nothing sets love in stone like a tattoo.

When the pair made their red carpet debut at the 2020 American Music Awards in November, Fox’s green strapless dress revealed a new tattoo on her left collarbone — one that read “el pistolero,” or “the gunman” in Spanish. Many fans hypothesized that the lowercase script was a dedication to her new love interest.

Snake design covering the old “Brian” tattoo

Green and Fox were married for over a decade, share three kids and, until this month, Fox had the 90210 actor’s name written in cursive across her hip.

In place of Green’s name, Fox opted for a cover-up tattoo that depicts a dainty star-and-moon-speckled snake wrapped around flowers, with its tongue reaching for a triangle. The cover-up tattoo was done by artist Jesse Krydick, who flaunted the work of art on Instagram on July 11.

Yin-Yang-inspired tattoo on her wrist

Fox has never confirmed what the circular design on the inside of her wrist stands for, however, it seems to emulate the traditional yin-yang symbol — with a twist.

Moon and star on her ankle

Fox’s only color tattoo, the moon and star tattoo is another piece that the actress has been relatively quiet about, not giving any confirmation as to what the tattoo may represent.

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